sample screen shotThe distribution CD has a directory called demo which contains some screen capture movies of the 3d program in use. These may be helpful in familiarising the user with the capabilities and usage of the system. To run one of these movies, find the /demo directory on the CD using My computer or windows explorer and simply double click on the file.
The movie player has a small control window with controls for pausing and quitting the display. One extra window, not normally visible when the program is running - USER INPUT MONITOR, is displayed.
This shows the keyboard and mouse clicks that are occurring during the activity. Two boxes in the mouse section show left and right mouse clicks.Two boxes in the keyboard section show if the control or shift keys are pressed. The text window shows characters as they are pressed and displays the following codes:
ESC - the escape key
TAB - the tab key
Left - the left cursor key
Right - the right cursor key
Up- the up cursor key
Down- the down cursor key
Home - the home key (for anticlockwise rotation)
PgUp- the PgUpkey (for clockwise rotation)

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