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Movie Control Window Menu FunctionsThis window controls the display of previously generated images. The most recent image is number 0, older images are -1,-2 etc. The currently displayed frame is shown at the top. The scrollbar can be used to select an individual frame for display. The set of images to be played back is determined by the active region of the buffer. This range can be adjusted and is shown at the bottom of the window, oldest image at the left, newest at the right.The range is automatically updated each time a new image is generated. Loading images from disk sets the range to the loaded size if there is sufficient buffer space. If the sequence being loaded is too big to fit in the current buffer space, then only part of the sequence will be loaded. The currently available number of frames in the buffer is shown above the scrollbars at the bottom.Changing screen resolution (with the Hires option)will change the buffer size and clear the active region.
The speed of movie replay in frames/sec can be adjusted.

The menu is as follows:

Load Loads a movie sequence from disk, the current buffer size may limit the number of frames loaded.(.VHD format only)
Save Saves the current active region of the movie buffer in .VHD, .PPM or RAW format. The mode is selected in the drop down menu of the save file window.
frm*2 Doubles the length of the movie buffer, using more memory, maximum frames 1024 low res or 256 high res ( uses 64Mbytes memory)
frm/2 Halves the length of the movie buffer, freeing memory Other controls allow: selection of an active range from the available set of images, selection of a display speed and manual selection of the image to display.
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Images saved in .VHD format can only be viewed by loading them back into this software. Images saved in .PPM format can be loaded into a number of other commercial image processing packages. Image sequences in .PPM format can be converted to mpeg, avi or mov movie sequences with a number of commercial packages.

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