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This menu contains options for loading data files, edit states and batch instruction files. It also has entries for saving Zbuffer (depth map) files, STL files, copying the main image to the windows clipboard, and printing the main image, full page, on the windows printer.

OpenFile Loads data files in MGI native format .THD .SHD or .LHD. At present all data must be converted to this format for loading. If these files are associated with the program, clicking on one will start the program and load the data set.
AbortOpen Abort loading process - note: you cannot abort once the program has started its pre-processing, only while it is loading the slice data.
Load Edit Option for loading an edit state file, previously saved by the system
Save Edit Option for saving an edit state for reviewing later, This stores all objects created, their relative positions and any markers placed.
Batch File Text files of type .PLY contain instruction sequences for driving the system . If this file type is associated with the program, clicking on one will start the program and run the batch file.
ImgToClpbrd Copy the image in the main window to the system clipboard. This is a screen copy and will have the current window pixel and colour resolution.
Print Print the image in the main window to the default printer (full page).
Save Image Save the current 3D image to disk file in binary ppm (portable pixel map) format. This is a movie buffer copy and will not have any marker/profile annotation.
SaveStl Save the current object surface in Stereolithography format (binary STL). The system temporarily switches to Smooth render mode while calculating the STL file because this improves STL output considerably.
Save Zbuffer Save the current view as a depth map (used for CNC milling). Smooth render mode improves surface texture. The Save Zbuffer option may be disabled in certain rendering and interaction modes.
StdSize restore main display window to 512*512 pixels which is the default size.
Fixed aspect if tagged, retain correct image aspect ratio. otherwise fit to window shape
Exit Quit program

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