Batch Files

These are text files of commands which will be executed by the program, allowing automation of some activities and the creation of demonstration sequences.The sample below lists the available commands:

loadshd "c:\data\eye\eye.shd" loads the named data set into the program.
rotate 4.5 right rotate to the right by 4.5 degrees and redraw.
rotate 4 left rotate to the left by 4 degrees and redraw.
rotate 0.1 up rotate up by 0.1 degrees and redraw.
rotate 33.72 clockwise rotate clockwise by 33.72 degrees and redraw.
rotate 90 anticlockwise rotate anticlockwise by 90 degrees and redraw.
up 90 rotates object without redrawing image.
left 1 rotates object without redrawing image.
draw redraw image.
combined view draw composite image (see view control)
aview 0 0 0 draws starting view (absolute view).
aview 10 0 0 draws view 10 degrees down from start view.
aview 0 10 0 draws view 10 degrees right from start view.
aview 0 0 10 draws view 10 degrees anticlockwise from start view.
aview 10 20 30 same as the following from the start view:
down 10
right 20
anticlockwise 30
wait 0.1 delay for 0.1 seconds.
shift 10 20 5 move data 10mm right, 20mm down, 5mm forwards without redraw.
level 50 subsequent images will be drawn at byte threshold 50 (no redraw)
bsection 10 cull from back 10mm in front of centre.
hslice 20 enter ortho display and draw horizontal slice 20 pixels below centre.
vslice 30 draw vertical slice 30 pixels right of centre.
zslice 40 draw transverse slice 40 pixels in front of centre.
resize 1.1 change image display scale to 1.1 mm/pixel for subsequent images.(no redraw)
cur 2 set object 2 to be the active object (see editing).(no redraw)
aux 0 set object 0 to be the auxiliary object (see editing).(no redraw)
include 3 include object 3 in combined view.(no redraw)
exclude 2 exclude object 2 from combined view.(no redraw)
mirror 1 left-right mirror object 1 through the current vertical axis.(no redraw)
reposition on rotations and shifts act only on the current object, allowing surgical simulation.(no redraw)
reposition off rotations and shifts act on all objects together.(no redraw)
loadedit "c:\data\eye\eye.edi" loads the named edit state. This must have been previously saved from the software when processing the same data set as is currently loaded.
savezbuffer "5axisb5.zbf" saves a depth map of current view to the named file.
saveimage "image3.ppm" saves a binary ppm format image of the current view to the named file.
addcenmark adds a marker on the current surface at the centre of the field of view
draw ;means render image all text on a line after a semicolon is ignored; allowing comments in .ply files.

Commands should be written in plain text, one instruction per line, into a file with extension .ply. The file menu contains an option for running these files.

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