Control Modes

The Mode menu is as follows:-

Rotate Choosing one of the first four menu entries determines the mode of interaction with the data in the main window. mouse,cursor keys control object rotation
Move mouse,cursor keys control object translation
Place Marker mouse controls marker placement
Edit Use the mouse to mark regions of the surface for editing and area measurement.
Rotate/Move All if tagged, multiple loaded objects are moved or rotated in the same way. If untagged, the current object is moved or rotated relative to the other objects.
AutoRepeat if tagged, a rotation, move etc. will be repeated. Use of the cursor keys is incremental, allowing fine control of the direction and speed of the repeating sequence
Show Marker Profiles if tagged, the current marker in the Place Marker mode will display surface contours.
Show Slice Turns on (or off) an option to display a section through the data set in the plane parallel to the screen that passes through the centre of rotation of the display (z=0 in screen co-ordinates). When this is on, the slice info option is enabled.
Save at init view Chosing one of these controls the way data are saved in the file menu if tagged, a saved data set will be stored in the current screen position and orientation. The functions in the measurement mode can be used to define this frame of reference. See User Defined Frame of Reference and Saving data in the user frame of reference
Save at current view if tagged, a saved data set will be stored in the initial view (as it was loaded).

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